Cinnamon and Sugar

The other day I was craving something sweet. I have a big sweet tooth but I’ve cut down on how much of them I eat.  I decided to indulge though and bake a dessert. I chose snickerdoodle bars, as I hadn’t made them in quite a while. My cutting back on sweets has also meant Matt cutting back on sweets so he was quite thrilled when I mentioned what I would be baking. Continue reading


Restaurant Review: Hooked

Besides posting recipes and sharing my cooking experiences, I also want to incorporate restaurant reviews in my blog. To kick it off, I’m sharing my thoughts on a relatively new restaurant – Hooked.

This past weekend was my first time ever visiting Ocean City, MD. Yes, I said it. At the age of 25 I made my first trip to Ocean City. Remember folks, I grew up in Pennsylvania. I’ve only lived in Maryland for about three years. Continue reading

Fresh from the Garden

My mom had rotator cuff surgery back in March. While I would probably curl up on the couch everyday complaining about the pain, she’s stayed busy. One of her activities has been gardening. My dad built her some garden boxes this past spring and she has planted quite an assortment of vegetables. I’ve been the beneficiary of this garden. There’s nothing better than fresh vegetables straight from a garden in the summer. Continue reading

Back to Basics

Cooking is blast, but let’s face it, there’s not always time to make an elaborate, ingredient heavy dish, especially during the week. By the time I go for a run, shower, and do some homework (I’m in American University’s Digital Media Skills Online Certificate program), I don’t always feel like making something too time consuming. Last night was one of those nights so I decided to keep it simple with some chicken and a salad. Continue reading

Lobster Laboratory

Welcome to my blog! I’ve enjoyed cooking so much that I’ve decided to document my successes and not so successful endeavors.

I thought it was fitting to start out with a recent cooking disaster. I decided to take on the challenge of cooking lobster. I had seen my mom cook lobster and figured it was as simple as putting them in boiling water. I was wrong. Continue reading