Greek Quinoa Salad

Sometimes I get bored eating regular salads with lettuce so I was thrilled when I came across this Greek Quinoa Salad from So Very Blessed. It’s very similar to the Mediterranean Chickpea Salad I posted a few months ago. Quinoa seems to be the new “it” food and I’ve recently started eating it within the past few months. It’s high in protein and easy to prepare.

Side note- I can’t help but think of the quinoa Bud Light NFL commercial. I’m not much for Bud Light but I just love this commercial.

2 cups cooked quinoa
Cherry tomatoes, halved
Cucumber, chopped
Red onion, diced
Kalamata olives, chopped
Crumbled feta
2 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
3 Tbsp, red wine vinegar
Fresh parsley, chopped
Ground pepper


1. Cook the quinoa using the instructions on the packaging. This usually requires boiling the dried quinoa with water then letting it simmer until the water is gone. So Very Blessed suggest replacing the water with chicken broth for more flavor. I used chicken broth and liked the results so will continue to use it.


Before cooking


After cooking

2. While the quinoa is cooking cut up the vegetables and parsley. I did not assign amounts the vegetables because this all depends on preference. I prefer more tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, and feta. The original recipe calls for red pepper which I admittedly forgot to purchase at the grocery store. I would have added this in if I hadn’t forgotten it.


3. Once the quinoa is cooked, put it into a large bowl. Add the pepper, olive oil and vinegar.

4. Mix in the vegetables and feta.

5. Let the salad set in the fridge for a bit before eating it.

I ate every last bit of this salad. There was enough to get several meals out of it. One day I mixed in some pieces of chicken I had cut up.

I paired the salad with a turkey burger one night.

I paired the salad with a turkey burger one night.

I do suggest adding a bit more olive oil and red wine vinegar. I added a little more each time I ate it to moisten the quinoa up again.

*Hint hint* Next up are the turkey burgers like the one above.


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