Italian Shrimp

I really enjoy making shrimp dishes. And of course eating them. One of Matt’s favorite is Chipotle Lime Shrimp. While I do enjoy it,  I don’t always want a dish with quite that much kick. And while it is simple to make, I don’t always have the ingredients on hand. A dish I do have ingredients on hand for is Italian Shrimp. Now this is a dish where I don’t have exact measurements for the ingredients. But be bold and enjoy experimenting with amounts. Continue reading


Lobster Laboratory

Welcome to my blog! I’ve enjoyed cooking so much that I’ve decided to document my successes and not so successful endeavors.

I thought it was fitting to start out with a recent cooking disaster. I decided to take on the challenge of cooking lobster. I had seen my mom cook lobster and figured it was as simple as putting them in boiling water. I was wrong. Continue reading