Greek Quinoa Salad

Sometimes I get bored eating regular salads with lettuce so I was thrilled when I came across this Greek Quinoa Salad from So Very Blessed. It’s very similar to the Mediterranean Chickpea Salad I posted a few months ago. Quinoa seems to be the new “it” food and I’ve recently started eating it within the past few months. It’s high in protein and easy to prepare.

Side note- I can’t help but think of the quinoa Bud Light NFL commercial. I’m not much for Bud Light but I just love this commercial. Continue reading


Guest Post: Green Stuffed Peppers with Hot Italian Sausage

I am pleased to present my first guest post! And who better to be a guest blogger than my cooking inspiration, my mom. She’s a fantastic cook! Although for awhile I’m sure she thought I would never pick up cooking and survive off of grilled cheese sandwiches. It was only a matter of time though so thanks Mom! Continue reading

Fresh from the Garden

My mom had rotator cuff surgery back in March. While I would probably curl up on the couch everyday complaining about the pain, she’s stayed busy. One of her activities has been gardening. My dad built her some garden boxes this past spring and she has planted quite an assortment of vegetables. I’ve been the beneficiary of this garden. There’s nothing better than fresh vegetables straight from a garden in the summer. Continue reading

Back to Basics

Cooking is blast, but let’s face it, there’s not always time to make an elaborate, ingredient heavy dish, especially during the week. By the time I go for a run, shower, and do some homework (I’m in American University’s Digital Media Skills Online Certificate program), I don’t always feel like making something too time consuming. Last night was one of those nights so I decided to keep it simple with some chicken and a salad. Continue reading